Geysers Parts

Vacuum Breakers

These are small brass components mounted at the 30cm length of pipe.  The two vacuum breakers stand vertically about the geyser.  They prevent the water from siphoning out of the geyser when the cold water supply is stopped.

Pressure control valve

This is a water pressure control valve fitted to the cold water supply to the geyser.  The purpose of this valve is to balance the water pressure of the hot and cold water supply to baths, showers and basins.  For a balanced system the cold water supply must be taken off the supply between the pressure control valve and the geyser. The pressure control valve reduces the cold water pressure to the same pressure of the hot water coming from the geyser. 

Drip Tray

The geyser sits in a tray made of plastic or steel.  Since June 2001, the drip tray is not optional.  The tray must be fitted with a 40 mm PVC waste pipe that drains the tray by piping the water out the house.
Governemnt Legislation on driptrays


Regulates the water pressure inside the geyser.  A good temperature for household use is 60 degrees

Temperature valves

Mounted on the geyser towards / often on the opposite side to the drain cock.  This is a vital component.  Should have a 20 mm pipe connected to it and the pipe must lead directly out the building.  This vent an important safety feature of the whole system.  It must be made of copper or steel (not plastic)  The pressure rating valve must match the pressure rating of the geyser

Plumbing pipes

The geyser may be fed with polycop (plastic) pipe up to the shut off valve, but the pipe into and out of the geyser must be copper especially the T&P vent.  The hot water should be carried in copper, steel of suitable rated (70 degrees) plastic or metal sheathed composite pipe.