Cost of Geysers and their installation.

Please note that Geysers only is a plumbing service and do not sell geysers or geyser parts without providing the repair or installation service.

Average Geyser Prices and Installation Cost

A new geyser should only be installed or replaced by qualified professionals. Especially since a geyser that leaks or bursts could destroy your home and cause water damage to the tune of tens of thousands of Rand. When experts provide you with an installation estimate, they typically determine a total cost that accounts for the cost of the geyser as well as the labour necessary to install the new Geyser and take care of any plumbing or gas line requirements. Depending on the difficulty of the task and any other work that has to be done, the average cost of labour to install a geyser will range between R2000 and R3000. If you’re installing a geyser in a newly constructed home, for example, the project may be more expensive because of the plumbing work that may be required. The cost for the Geyser it self varies from R4000 to R15000 depending on the size and brand of the geyser. Depending on whether you’re doing a new installation or just replacing something, you might have to pay more for items like piping, fittings, or electrical or gas installations.

Kwikot Geyser and spare part prices

Superline 400kpa DUAL 250 LitresR15000 – R17500
Superline 400kpa DUAL 200 LitresR7000 – R8500
Superline 400kpa DUAL 150L GeyserR5000 – R6500
Superline 400kpa DUAL 100L GeyserR4500 – R6000
Superline 400kpa DUAL 50L Geyser R4000 – R5000
Magaflow 400kpa 450L Industrial VerticalR27000 – R32000
Magaflow 400kpa 450L Industrial HorizontalR27000 – R32000
Kwikot 400kpa 20mm PCV ISOL Valve 20mmR950 – R1100
Kwikot 400kpa 20mm PCV ISOL Valve 15mmR900 – R1050
Kwikot Spiral Element 3kWR280 – R400
Kikot 2kw – 3kw Boss ElementR240 – R350
Kwikot Safety ValveR250 – R400
Kwikot Thermostat 20aR240 – R300
Thermal Geyser BlanketR750  – R1000
Plastic Geyser Drip TrayR200 – R500

What effects Geyser installation and replacement prices

The Size of the geyser that will be installed

There are numerous sizes of geysers available, the 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, and 250L sizes are the most common ones. Naturally, the size of a geyser will increase its cost, but it will also increase the cost of installation. A 50L geyser, for example, is much lighter and smaller, making it easier to carry and install. A 250L geyser requires much more labour to carry, move, and install it than a 50L geyser does.

How complicated is it to access the Geyser

If the geyser is installed in an easy-to-access location, such as a garage or ceiling, the plumber won’t have to put in as many labour hours to complete the installation. If the geyser is in a difficult-to-reach place and access requires cutting through ceiling panels or safety harness equipment, the cost of installation will be much higher. The cost of labour will also go up if the plumber has to carry the geyser up several flights of stairs

Additional changes and work that need to be performed

If you want to change the size or design of the geyser, the plumber might need to complete additional work. If you want to install a 250L geyser where a 50L geyser was previously put, the plumber will need to install a larger drip tray and alter the support structure to accommodate the extra weight. They could also need to modify the pipe fittings and arrangement. Please fill out our online form or give us a call for the most precise price information, and we will put you in touch with a dependable Plumbing contractor.

Tell tale signs your geyser need replacing

The geyser does not heat the water like it should

The element or thermostat in your geyser may be malfunctioning if the water is not as warm as it once was. You might be better off replacing the entire geyser rather than just the element or thermostat, depending on the age and condition of the geyser.

Your geyser has a leak

Please get in touch with a Geysers Only Plumbing contractor right away if you notice any water leaking from the geyser. Your home will sustain more water damage the longer you wait. A skilled plumber will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak, whether it originates from the geyser itself or just a fitting. They’ll give you advice on the best course of action and sort you out quickly.

Brown or rusty coloured water

If there are any traces of rust or discolouration in the water, this indicates that one or more parts of your hot water system is rusting. This typically results from the geyser’s tank rusting from the inside out.

A rusted geyser should be replaced since, once rust takes hold, it won’t be long before it begins to leak and may cause water damage to your home.

Your geyser is older than 10 years

If your geyser is more than ten years old, you should pay particular attention to it because it is nearing the end of its lifecycle.

Geyser overflowing from pressure release valve

Your geyser spewing water from its pressure valve could be a sign that your thermostat is malfunctioning and not turning off when it ought to. Any additional water damage to your home can be avoided if you move quickly.

Estimated cost for a complete installation

Included in the price:

Call out fee  /   Supply  of geyser   /   Labour    /   Pressure valve   / Draincock   /   2 vacuum breakers  /  Driptray

150lt Kwikot Geyser in single storey building with Ceilings (Tiled Roof) (driptray included)R 7500.00
150lt Kwikot Geyser mounted on a wall, less than 2 meters above the ground (no driptray) BracketsR 7500.00
150lt Kwikot Geyser on ground level in specially built roomR 8000.00
150lt Kwikot Geyser Kwikot Geyser in double storey dwelling roof under tiles with trap door big enough to fit a geyser throughR 8000.00
200 ltKwikot Geyser in single storey building with Ceilings (Tiled Roof) (driptray included)R 9500.00
200lt Kwikot Geyser mounted on a wall, less than 2 meters above the ground (no driptray) Industrial BracketsR 10000.00
200lt Kwikot Geyser on ground level in specially built roomR 10000.00
200lt Kwikot Geyser Kwikot Geyser in double storey dwelling roof under tiles with trap door big enough to fit a geyser throughR 10000.00
Additional piping in the event of a new installation. (cost per 2.4m)R 500.00
Geyser BlanketR 750.00

Prices of Solar Geyser

A solar geyser requires a larger initial investment than an electric geyser.

Installation costs for a new solar geyser, not including labour costs, can range from R12000 to R25000 for a closed linked high pressure system. But when you add up the monthly savings on your electricity bill, you will rapidly make up the difference between this and an electrical geyser.

Below you will find a table of what you might expect to pay for a solar geyser:

Low Pressure SystemsR6000 – R14000
Closed Coupled High Pressure SystemsR12000 – R25000
Direct Thermosiphon SystemsR12000 – R25000
Indirect Thermosiphon SystemsR12000 – R25000

Prices of Gas Geyser

Gas geysers, also known as gas water heaters or flash burners, do not have water reservoirs and heat the water as it flows through the appliance. Prices for gas geysers range from R4000 to R10500.

Your gas geyser doesn’t require an electrical source to run because it runs on gas. These geysers, which have a capacity ranging from 5 to 20 litres per minute, are the most energy-efficient geysers available because they do not lose any energy during the storage of the warm water as they do not have a storage tank. The ability to heat a single faucet or a kitchen sink makes gas geysers with a 5 to 10 litre capacity ideal for camping.

Larger gas geysers with 15 to 20 lpm capacity can run a shower, bath, and washing machine. 

A helpful table with ballpark gas geyser costs is provided below:

  5 litre Gas GeyserR3000 – R7000
10 litre Gas GeyserR4000 – R8000
12 litre Gas GeyserR4000 – R8500
15 litre Gas GeyserR5000 – R9700
20 litre Gas GeyserR5500 – R10500

Please follow the link for a more detailed National Gas Installers Gas Geyser Pricelist.