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Geysers Only is your number one solar geyser installer in South Africa. We offer high-quality solar geysers with excellent solar geyser prices on the top brands available in South Africa.  Contact use for a free cost estimate for supply, installation and repair.

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Why Use a Solar Geyser?

Solar hot water systems use renewable energy to quickly heat your home’s water, making them the most energy efficient and ecologically friendly hot water systems available. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and annual energy costs.

Save Money

Save up to 25% on their electric bill after installing solar panels.

Go Green

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source! That means we will never run out of solar energy.

Low Maintenance

Solar Panels are extremely low maintenance. They require minimal upkeep and repairs!

Reduce your energy bills today

By utilizing the sun’s free energy, solar is a great method to lower your energy bills and your reliance on energy corporations.

We at Geysers Only have been delivering sun-free hot water to homes all throughout South Africa for almost a decade.

It’s sensible to begin your path into renewable technologies by first minimizing your energy consumption. Conventional water heaters account for about 25% of a household’s grid-energy use; so, using the sun to provide the hot water your home requires is a terrific method to reduce the amount of energy you consume from the grid.

A more sustainable future

You can help reduce carbon emissions and live a more sustainable lifestyle by switching to a clean and green energy source like solar.
You could, for example, replace your electric water heater with a solar geyser and save 1.5 to 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of removing a small car off the road.

Increase the value of your home

According to a survey performed by a large real estate online service, the majority of people believe that properties with solar power are more valuable and sell faster than those with standard energy.

Types of Solar Geysers

Flat plate collectors and Glass evacuated tubes (EVT’s)

Flat plate solar geyser

Solar flat panel collectors is the most popular collectors in South Africa. Geysers Only specialize in high graded solar flat panel geysers. A Simplistic technology is used in solar geyser flat plate collectors and it’s also easy to manufacture

Geysers Only is a prominent seller and installation of solar flat plates. In South Africa, all of our solar flat plate collectors are SABS approved and come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our solar flat plate collector comes with a one-year installation warranty.

Benefits of using Flat plate solar geyser

  • All estates and residential complexes in South Africa have approved solar flat panels. It complement your property and give it a contemporary appeal. 
  • With our high-quality flat panel solar geysers, you can expect a high thermal output that will last for years.
  • The design of our solar flat panel collectors make them wind resistant.
  • Our Flat plate sola geysers are made from the highest quality material and are resistant to corrosion.
  • Frost protection is available on all of our solar flat panels for region where the temperature drop below freezing.

How do solar geysers function?

Solar flat panel collectors heat circulating water to a temperature below the boiling point. Geysers Only solar flat plate collectors provide an excellent solution for families that require water temperatures between 30-70°C. The sun provides the energy for the solar flat panel collector and depending on the location in South Africa, our solar flat plate collector can heat 200L to 400L of water per day. 

Saving on energy costs by using a solar flat plate collector geyser.

The average energy consumption to heat water in South Africa is 40-60% of all household electrical consumption. A saving of 50-70% can be reached with installing solar hot water heaters. Geysers only offers competitive pricing and professional installation and repairs.


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Frequent asked question

Solar hot water systems work by collecting solar rays through a set of solar panels, which are then converted into heat energy. This thermal energy is transmitted into the water as water pumps around the system, either from a tank fixed on the roof in an integrated system or from a tank positioned on the ground in a split system.
The water is regularly circulated through the heat exchanger and tank, maintaining a consistent temperature, yet it costs you relatively little because the energy comes from the sun.

Hot water storage tanks normally range in size from 125 to 400 liters, allowing you to pick the right amount for your home. To provide enough hot water for a four-person family, two collector panels and a 300-360L storage tank are normally required. This translates to about 75 liters per person. There are a few factors to consider when determining the size of solar hot water system your family requires:

  • How many people reside in your home?
  • How much water does your home use on a daily basis?
  • When do you use hot water?
  • Do you all use hot water at the same time?
  • Is there a significant need for overlapping hot water consumption?

The capacity of your tank is vital so you don’t waste money heating water you don’t need and don’t run out of hot water mid-shower. Your hot water storage tank could be cut in half if you implement water conservation measures in your home. Geysers Only plumbers in your area can advise you on the optimal solar hot water system size for your home and family.

  • 100-liter :  1-2 adults 
  • 150-liter : 2-3 adults 
  • 200-liter : 3-4 adults 
  • 300-liter : 5-6 adults 

There are many different types of solar hot water heaters to consider. Finding the right solar hot water system for your home may requires a combination. The collection panels and water storage tank are mounted on the roof. The collector panels on the roof heat the water and pump it down to a storage tank on the ground . You may want a larger collecting area if you are unable to have collector panels installed in an ideal location. Evacuated tubes  are more efficient but more expensive than flat panels .

A well maintained solar geyser system can last between 10 and 20 years. It’s critical to have your solar hot water system maintained on a regular basis if you want to get the most out of it. This will not only increase the life of your solar water heating system, but it will also ensure that it operates properly, saving you money over time. Some parts of your solar hot water system may need to be changed after 10 years or so. Rather than attempting to repair these parts and having them fail again in the near future, replacing them is a fantastic long-term strategy for extending the life of your solar geyser.


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