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Geyser Blanket (R750.00)2 year extended warranty (R1500)

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 1.  Contact us on Tel no: 011 011 976 0264 or 072 1843432 should you require a quote.

2.  You can also send a email request to

3.  Acceptance of the quote should be clearly indicated with the customers signature.

4.  Please also remember to supply us with you address.

5.  A 60 % deposit is required prior to installation and the balance when the team arrives on site before they they commence with the installation.

6.  Upon receipt of the signed quote and proof of payment a installation date will be booked.

7.  Prices quoted are under normal circumstances, if unforeseen issue require additional work to be carried out, Geysers only reserves the right to charge for additional labour as required.

8.  Geysers only shall provide all materials and equipment necessary for the proper execution of the work.

Guarantees / Warranties

Three (3) months guarantee on workmanship is given, provided the original workmanship has not been tampered with in any way, shape of form.  Should this be the case, the guarantee will be null and void.

Five (3) year product warranty on geyser drum

Two (2) year product warranty on Safety valve

One (1) year product warranty on Thermostat

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  • Cell tel no: 072-184-3432
  • email address:,za
  • Address: Monument Road Kempton Park
  • Office hours: 8am - 4:30 pm
  • Fax no: 0865824019