Burst Geyser Replacement Alberton

Please note that Geysers only is a plumbing service and do not sell geysers or geyser parts.


Are you looking for a new geyser?  Well then it’s time to give Geysers only a call.  There is nothing more frustrating than a geyser that isn’t working, not only is it frustrating but it can also mess up your daily routine.  After a long hard day’s work, there is nothing better than a hot shower/ bath and when your geyser isn’t operating as it should, it can really throw a spanner in the works.  Geysers only use quality guarantees on all geyser we install.  Geysers only have been operating for a few years now and have grown in leaps and bounds.  We have effective communication between staff and technicians as well as clients which has lead to excellent problem solving ensuring we tackle every obstacle as best we can.

Geysers only specialise in new geyser installations and burst geyser replacements in both the domestic and commercial market.  We have a wide variety of geysers that cater to your ever need and requirement.  We guarantee excellent workmanship and the most competitive prices.  All projects are tackled to the best of ability and we try and get them done in a timely and organised manner.  WE will make sure that your geyser is working well and unsure that your home in running as it should.

It is always a good idea to monitor your geyser and its age in order for you to avoid an issue such as a burst geyser before it happens.


Burst Geyser Replacement Alphen Park